Code of Ethics
and Business Practices

Core Values

Our core values are the cornerstone of relationships we build with our customers, suppliers, business associates, stakeholders and the communities in which we do business.

Customer Excellence

We commit ourselves to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


We commit ourselves to honesty and fair dealings in all our relationships.

Value Our Associates

We value individual contributions in an environment of open and candid dialog.

Communities are an Integral Part of Our Business

We work to improve the quality of life in our communities.

Fair Return for Our Investors

We commit ourselves to profitability and growth.

Quality Through Teamwork

To commit to excellence by pooling individual knowledge and skills through effective communication to build shared success.


We encourage creativity in everything we do resulting in innovation and continuous improvement.

Commitment to Targets

We demonstrate a passion to consistently achieve our goals and targets.

Our Suppliers are Important Business Partners

We consider our suppliers as valued business partners sharing our challenges and successes.